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The Finishing Touch!

No matter what type of countertop a homeowner chooses, it’s important to select a quality sink to help make the new countertop material stand out and ensure years of use and performance. A high quality sink just completes the package in a visually outstanding kitchen and will only increase word-of-mouth referrals. A stainless steel sink is a very popular choice among customers as the final touch to any countertop, and it complements any color or material.

To help choose the right sink, follow the tips below for the right sink size, shape and style.


A new countertop and sink is quite the investment for any customer, and their investment needs to last for years to come with no replacement. Stainless steel sinks look bright with a beautiful finish that resists rust and thus corrode very minimally. There is very little cracking and chipping as well with stanless steel.

Steel varies in thickness, and sinks in residential homes are from 18-22 gauge which is highly recommended to create customer satisfaction in the long run.

Any stainless steel sink should be purchased from a dependable manufacturer constructed of the appropriate thickness and therefore, fabricators can ensure that a quality sink is partnered with a quality countertop.

Customer Service

After a countertop is selected, choosing a sink is usually the last step in the process to complete the customer investment. Thus, it’s important to work closely with manufacturers that are known for timely delivery and efficiency in providing their product. fabricators can have confidence that The sink will then be there when the fabricators appropriately need it. As with all major investments and purchases, it is always smart to consider warranties for complete customer satisfaction.

Undermount vs. top-mount

Once a sink has been chosen, the customer must choose between undermount or top-mount. A fabricator can help the customer make this choice depending upon the type of countertop, pricing and the appearance. Fabricators should communicate to the customer the difference between these two options.

An undermount sink is more of a seamless look compared to top-mount. A top-mount sink, on the other hand, has rolled and finished edges.

Style, size and depth

Sinks provide that finishing touch on a kitchen with new countertops, so fabricators should guide homeowners with style, size and depth for their customers’ kitchen needs.

First, the customer must decide if a single, double or triple bowl sink with the corrrect dimensions and depth would work best for their needs.

Double bowl sinks tend to be the most common setup for customers. Sinks with just a single bowl are becoming more popular and offer a larger area for washing larger kitchen pots and pans, baking accessories and small appliance parts. Triple bowl sinks usually have two larger bowls with one small bowl in the center and can be used with multiple people cooking in one kitchen.

No matter what style is chosen, the correct size should be taken into account.

Suppressing sound

Stainless steel sinks can come with insulation to reduce noise during use. Manufacturers do offer such options for customers and they include: under coating and sound absorbing pads.


Upon choosing a sink and style, many additional accessories can be offered to the customer to go along with the look of their new kitchen – cutting boards fitted specifically for the sink or even grids and strainers to protect the bottom of the sink. Additional options for the customer always creates and increases customer satisfaction.

Ease of installation

Once the sink and faucet or accessories are chosen and delivered, the fabricator should ease in the process with quick and easy installation. Hardware to mount the sink should also be included for ease of installation along with any additional instructions needed for the fabricator. The sink will be installed easily, and the customer can begin using their new sink and enjoy the look of their new kitchen!

Care and cleaning

There are many products available now in major supermarkets to help care for a stainless steel sink. Otherwise, a stainless steel sink may be cleaned best by washing with a soft sponge and mild detergent, rinsing and then wiping dry with a hand or dish towel. Any cleaner that contains harsh chlorides, bleaches or cleansers should be avoided. Maintaining the product by cleaning is a part of the process that should be shared to the customer by the fabricator once again to ensure longevity with the product and customer satisfaction.